If you are worried about your seniors spending too much time during the day doing nothing or sleeping their days away without meaning or supervised by the television, this is the product for you! Designed to ensure that your seniors remain active and alert and maintain their physical & mental wellness while addressing the issue of loneliness and lack of companionship, we designed both the space and the programs to ensure they get the care and companionship needed to make their days meaningful once more.

Our luxe clubhouse of over 12,500sf of indoor & outdoor space is curated for active seniors. It is a social hub with programs from our professional team of nurses, physiotherapist, occupational therapists and certified counsellors, kind of like a landed cruise. Enjoy specially designed activities that promote physical, mental & social wellbeing and be in a community of like-minded friends. A beautifully-designed relaxing space with hotel-catered buffet (halal) with a wonderful selection for your breakfast and lunch.

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